Single Deck Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack games that are played with a single deck of cards give players the best odds of winning against the house, so learning and employing a good single deck blackjack strategy is very important.

Blackjack Single Deck Strategy vs. Multi-Deck Strategy

There are three main rules that vary from typical multi-deck blackjack strategies. They are relatively simple to memorize and use, so every blackjack player should keep them in their arsenal.

• A pair of sevens against a dealer's 10 should always stand instead of hit.
• A five and three combination of eight should always double against a dealer's five or six.
• An 11 against a dealer's ace should double instead of hit.

The reasons for these differences goes back to the differences in odds; with one deck of cards, the probability of certain cards coming up changes drastically.

Why Single Deck Blackjack Strategy is Different

In order to understand this, look at the first rule above. In multi-deck games, blackjack strategy would advise players to hit on a pair of sevens. This is because the likelihood of getting another seven for a total score of 21 is relatively large--in a six deck game, there are 22 more sevens that could be drawn. When dealing with only one deck, however, there are only two more sevens. Standing on a hard 14 is not a surefire way to win in single deck blackjack; this rule variation simply helps players lose a little less often.

The idea behind single deck blackjack strategy is for players to make the most favorable decisions for the particular situation. Many games, like online slots, require little to no strategy and are favored by gamblers everywhere.

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