Net Pay Online Casinos

The system called NetPay is a tertiary party account for remitting payments. It may be utilized for sending and receiving of funds by providers of online casinos. The currency used here is either international or US dollars. NetPay is offshore based and is found in the Panama Republic, where it has many remote investors. Using NetPay requires one to transfer cash from their account in the bank to the one in NetPay. Cash depositing is one way they can accomplish this. The other methods are 1MDC, eGold, Pecunix and wire transfer through local bank. It is also possible to apply third party modes of payment that are designated.

Once you have transferred funds into your NetPay account, you then can wire your money with ease online into a casino. There are many such accounts present in gambling websites online. NetPay is a safe mode of internet payment, which you may boost your casino account with.

Working of NetPay

The NetPay system uses ordinary email addresses. Existing financial services such as credit cards and local banks act as merchants of NetPay transactions. This guarantees security of money transfer. Once you have opened an online account with NetPay, provide about two days for approval processing to be completed. The charges levied by NetPay are quite affordable, deducting only between 0.25% and 0.40% of your entire transaction amount. Checks only attract a 4% to 7% fee, though this is determined by the withdrawal country.

As a client of NetPay, you can obtain money in NetPay dollars, NetMoney and NetPay Gold, all of which is allotted to Class A banks. All major credit cards are accepted by NetPay and you get real time dollar value when doing business.

Assessment of NetPay

The advantages of using NetPay online payment include strict confidentiality, flexible payment modes, accessible and efficient use and convenient account monitoring. NetPay also offers referral commissions of 30% of fees levied, apart that of 10% from all exchange orders and $15 bonuses for each debit card sold.

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